Earlier this month, Netflix released the first trailer for its latest Marvel series, Iron Fist. In it we saw a quick glimpse of Danny Rand and his return to civilization after a tragic accident claimed the lives of his parents, but few other plot details or characters were examined. A new featurette titled “I Am Danny” on the series solves the omission by shedding some light on the external conflicts that will drive the plot of the series.

Danny Rand, heir to the Rand empire, is stranded in mountains after the plane he’s on with his parents crashes and is seemingly left for dead. Many years later, he returns to New York after a long self-discovery adventure when he finds his two childhood friends, Joy and Ward, running his father’s cooperation, Rand Enterprises. Although he’s back, his experiences have made him much different—mainly his ability to fight. His battling talents catch the eye of Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick), another well-trained warrior who is curious of how he acquired his skill.

Finn Jones, who plays Danny Rand, narrates the featurette that reveals Rand was in training at a monastery for 15 years to become a warrior. In his training, he also receives “the mark of the Iron Fist,” which is this big dragon-like tattoo on his chest. This enables him to access the fire of the fists, in which his fists light up with a yellow light and exact destruction on anything he chooses to punch at.

Marvel series cross-overs may lie ahead

Danny Rand’s return to New York City also brings run ins with dark forces. The featurette gives a brief glimpse of Madam Gao, an antagonist in Daredevil. This, along with Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) showing up in the trailer, suggest that there might be cross-overs between Marvel series. It might not be out of the realm of possibility to see Daredevil, Jessica Jones or Luke Care make an appearance in the series. It would be pretty awesome.

“There will always be forces gathering against you disguised as a friend, slipping pass you as a stranger. They are everywhere,” says a mysterious voice, hinting at an ominous journey for the Iron Fist. It’s not yet know at this point if Madam Gao will be the primary antagonist in the series or if another character that has not yet been revealed will take up the mantle.

Iron Fist will be available to stream on Netflix starting March 17.