Netflix has begun emailing subscribers in the U.K. to inform them that it is increasing the price of its basic HD plan. The move comes just one year after the service announced another price hike for U.K. customers.

The minimum fee for HD Netflix in the U.K. now, then, is £7.49 (approx. $12) per month, up from £6.99 (approx. $10.80). For standard-definition content you'll continue to pay £5.99 (approx. $9.26), while the family plan for 4 users also stays the same at £8.99 (approx. $14).

We should point out that these prices only apply to new users. If you're already a Netflix subscriber paying £6.99 a month for HD, you will continue to pay that for the time being.

When Netflix announced its last U.K. price increase in May 2014, the company promised to freeze prices for two years for existing subscribers who were paying £5.99 at the time. It's unclear whether a similar price will be offered to those paying £6.99.

Even at £7.49, Netflix is pretty incredibly value for money, but no one really likes a price increase. Having said that, as long as the company continues to produce shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, I'll pay whatever it demands.