Where do old shows go when they die? Apparently to Netflix Watch Instantly.

According to a report from TV Guide, Netflix has entered into talks to acquire the rights to continue the critically acclaimed Jericho.  While the show never did well in the ratings, it was a critical darling and generated a rabid fan base that,  through a sheer force of will, were able to convince CBS to give the show a second season.  Despite the obvious support of fans, the show was canceled in 2008.  Since then the show has been doing well for Netflix on its Watch Instantly streaming media service.  So much so that the company has reportedly approached the network about getting the cast & crew of the show back together for a third season.

While it may sound like a crazy idea, Netflix has done a similar arrangement already to resurrect the series Arrested Development.  While that deal seems to have come together fairly easily, Jericho was a higher budget series and all of the principal people from actors to executive producers have moved on to other projects.  If the money is there, it seems hard to believe that it wouldn’t be brought together, but it wouldn’t happen over night.

Adding fuel to the fire is a cryptic hint that CBS CEO Les Moonves dropped in February that the two companies were working together on a project, but he didn’t say what it was.  The network has declined to comment.

While this isn’t a done deal yet, there is now some hope for fans of the series.

Hey, Netflix, if you’re looking for suggestions of other possibilities … there’s this little series called Firefly

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