Terra Nova

It appears Netflix is still in the market for original content, and it’s next possible target is the just recently canceled Terra Nova.

The cancellation for the new Fox sci-fi series Terra Nova came down just last week, and the producers have been shopping around for a new home for the series, but at a production budget of $4 million per episode, there haven’t been too may nibbles.  Enter Netflix.

According to Deadline, Netflix and 20th Century Fox Television are in preliminary talks about moving the show over to the streaming video alternative.  While Terra Nova did well in the ratings, especially when DVR time-shifted viewing was calculated in, it just wasn’t enough to make up for the sky-high budget.  We’re not quite sure how Netflix would expect to come up with the budget per episode, unless perhaps 20th Century could find a foreign network to pick up some of the funds, or perhaps a delayed re-airing on a cable network where Netflix would have the rights to first airing, but there must be something in the negotiations.

Should this deal go through, it would be the second such deal between the two companies, with the first being the resurrection of Arrested Development.

No word on when a decision or announcement could be made on the fate of Terra Nova, but it definitely looks like Netflix is on the hunt for more content.  Is it too late for them to get together and discuss Firefly?

[via Deadline]