Google-Chromecast - Netflix

Netflix is apparently in early talks with a number of U.S. cable providers to bring its video streaming service to their TV boxes, The Wall Street Journal reports. The company has been meeting with representatives from Comcast and Suddenlink, though it's unlikely a deal will be reached in the near future.

WSJ notes that Netflix has hit an early snag in negotiations after demanding the cable companies adopt its specialized Open Connect technology, which it claims is the best method for streaming video content. One contract term in particular has been met with resistance, with cable and Internet providers both worrying that agreeing to Netflix's demands would open the door for other Internet services to expected similar treatment in the future.

Netflix has had trouble getting its service onto cable boxes, with most companies seeing the video streaming giant as a rival rather than a potential partner. Last month, U.K. cable provider Virgin Media announced a deal with Netflix, marking the first successful tie-in between the Internet company and its more established rivals.