In a note to shareholders on Monday, Netflix CEO unleashed a torrent of data from the service's last few months, saying the company added 3 million subscribers during Q1 of this year. In total, the company has over 36 million subscribers, all of which racked up 4 billion hours of streaming in just 90 days.

Buried down deeper into the note, under domestic and international numbers and below musings on Netflix's bigger original content library, was a new family plan option. For those in the U.S., the company will "shortly" roll out a 4-stream plan for $11.99, allowing customers to double Netflix's 2-simultaneous-stream limit. Hastings explained that the new plan is for larger families, and only expects about 1 percent of members to sign up.

With a focus on a family setup, it would be cool to see Netflix implement individual user streams for each family member. But, at least from today's announcement, it doesn't sound like the new family plan will differ all that much aside from the 4-stream limit. Be that as it may, the plan will certainly make it easier for you to share your login information with a few close friends.