Netflix ButtonNetflix announced today that it will be expanding into 43 countries including Mexico and other unnamed locations though out  Central America, South America and the Caribbean before the year is out.

At this time the company is not announcing what sort of pricing these countries will see, but they are promising an assortment of American, local and intentional TV shows and movies.  They are also promising that there will be devices available in those countries that will allow these new subscribers to consume this media on their televisions as well as their computers, tablets and other devices.

While further international expansion was expected this year after the successful launch in Canada, the rumored target was Europe.  In the last report, the company was looking to hire people fluent in “Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian and European), and Spanish (Latin American and European).”  It definitely points to the company has plans for even further international expansion, but the next stage will be staying on this side of the world’s two major oceans.

While we applaud Netflix expanding even further, the concept of taking on 43 markets at once is just jaw dropping.  One can only imagine the number of licensing agreements that are currently being negotiated, talks with data centers, setting up hardware and so on.  While we are certain that Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and his team are attacking this with every resource at their disposal, it’s hard to not think that this may just be too much at once.  Even if it is a staged roll-out, we are now in the latter half of the year, and that means there is only six months left, so are we looking at seven countries a month (with a stray one in there)?  Even that seems ambitious for anyone to pull off without a hitch.

With all that being said, I would imagine that in 2012 we will see some of those other languages in the job listings come into play, but it definitely looks like Netflix is on its way to being a global brand.

What do you think?  Is Netflix expanding too rapidly now?