You may — or may not — be aware that Netflix was forced to introduce a couple of restrictions for its recently-launched download feature in order to ensure that it complies with the terms outlined in its various licensing agreements.

For starters, a number of titles in the streaming giant's catalog can only be downloaded using the same account a certain amount of times. The limit isn't disclosed to the user and some titles may not even be subject to the restriction.

Netflix was also forced to introduce a "session expiration" feature to prevent people from downloading a plethora of shows, activating airplane mode, then canceling their membership. It works by occasionally asking users to login again before watching offline content.

The restrictions combine to create a pretty nasty problem

There's a caveat, though. As noted by Phandroid, once a session expires, Netflix forces customers to delete the title and download it again, and seeing as there's a limit on the number of times they can download the same show, it can prove to be quite problematic.

The solution? Only download shows you're intending to watch within the next 24-hours.