Netflix had already announced the final season of The Killing would debut on August 1, and now we have a trailer to get us ready.

The first three seasons of The Killing ran on the AMC cable channel in the U.S. Based on a Danish series, The Killing was actually canceled after season 2, but an outpouring of support was able to get it brought back for a third season. As that set of episodes drew to a close, the network once again canceled the show and said there was no hope for the fans saving it this time. By this time Netflix was running the previous seasons and saw how popular it was with its customers and opted to step in.

Netflix and the show’s creators agreed on a shortened fourth and final season, and now all of the pieces are in place. In just 30 more days fans of the series will be able to see how the entire story wraps up and once again show that TV streaming services can step in when needed. Yahoo did it again this week by saving Community for a sixth season, which was an unexpected turn, but you have to wonder what sort of Pandora’s Box this has opened. Not every series is worth saving, but its clear that fans do have viable outlets now that they can petition when the time comes.

The final season of The Killing will debut in all Netflix territories on Aug. 1.