For years I have dismissed Netflix as a service for movie buffs, and since I have never really considered myself one, I haven’t been using the service. My Apple TV has opened my eyes, and now I watch a plethora of entertainment from television shows, stand-up comedy and some fantastic documentaries. I have also enjoyed accessing these shows on my iPhone with the Netflix application which works extremely well over either Wi-Fi or 3G.

To my surprise, my friends that run the Android operating system on their mobile devices have not had the pleasure of experiencing Netflix on their mobile devices. Apparently the Android application has been ready for launch for anetflix-app while now, but has been delayed because Hollywood wanted considerably more DRM. Netflix states the delay was due to “the lack of a generic and complete platform security and content protection mechanism for Android.” “The same security issues have led to piracy concerns on the Android platform have made it difficult for us to secure a common DRM system on these devices”

The same app has been recently announced for Windows Phone 7 devices, and according to the official Netflix blog it will also launch on Android devices in early 2011. You would have thought that the developers, along with Google, would have figured out these security concerns by now considering the iPhone app has been out quite a while. I mean, how different could the code be to prevent piracy between the Windows Phone 7 application, iPhone app and the Android app. Let’s get things together and give Android users the pleasure of watching Netflix on the run.

As an Android user have you been anticipating the release of Netflix? If your an iPhone user do you use the Netflix app a lot or can you do without it?