Netflix wants to go big. Real big. The service is already available in almost 50 markets around the world, but rumor has it the streaming video firm has its eyes set on the world's most populous market: China.

In its most recent quarterly earnings report, published in April, Netflix revealed that it now has more than 62 million subscribers around the world, up 2.28 million customers. That figure stands to increase drastically if it can tap into China and, according to The Wall Street Journal, that's the plan. But it won't be easy.

Local broadcasters told The Wall Street Journal that content censorship is one major barrier that will need to be crossed. Wasu Media Holding and BesTV were two possible partners named by the news outlet. "We are still taking time to know each other better because America's content industry is very different from China's," an executive with Wasu explained.

There aren't any immediate plans to push Netflix live in China just yet, but it would create millions and millions of new subscribers if Netflix can work out a deal.