When a show hits Netflix, how long does it typically take you to watch it? A month? A few weeks? A few days? New viewership data released by the streaming service reveal hardcore subscribers generally dedicate about two hours a day to the first season of a show, which takes them about a week to complete.

Netflix told the New York Times it found patterns after studying original and third-party releases, with the most recent info coming from data collected between October 2015 to May. What the service found is that different shows are consumed at different rates, which makes sense; genres such as horror and sci-fi are consumed quickly, while viewers take a little longer getting through comedies and dramas.

For a show such as Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy, Netflix found people usually blow through a season in just four days. Jessica Jones and Fargo take viewers about five days, while the “slightly more relaxed binger” typically finishes a season of Arrested Development in about six days. Either way, it shows that people like the binge model, which continues to be a point of debate between Netflix and traditional networks.

I’m sure if shows such as Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead were put onto a service all at once they’d be devoured in just a few days. Netflix’s data was only focused on the first season of the biggest shows in its library, saying people who get hooked blow through subsequent seasons even faster.

You can see more of Netflix’s data over at the source link below.