Netflix ButtonIf current hiring listings are anything to go by, Netflix is preparing to expand its services into a lot more of the world.

According to Business Insider, Netflix has placed numerous job listings on its site that are looking to fill positions such as a director of global marketing communications and people fluent in “Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian and European), and Spanish (Latin American and European).”

While not officially announced as of yet, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings had said last year that if the Canadian expansion the company started last July was successful, they would look at expanding into Europe.  There has been no indication that the company would take over its DVD rental model as well, but the suspicion is that this would just be another expansion of the streaming Watch Instantly service as they did in Canada.

It is certainly natural for any company to want to expand, but there is an aspect to this that I think one has to consider from a business and consumer level.  A recent report indicated that Netflix accounts for 29.7 percent of Internet traffic in the United States during peak hours, a jump of nearly 10 percent from the last report issued in Oct. 2010.  Extrapolate those numbers should this service go global as it appears it is about to.  Can the Internet actually withstand the potential volume of data that Netflix would be responsible for at any given time?

Yes, the Internet is a resilient system built around the concept of self-correcting should something go wrong in any one physical location, but if Netflix enjoys the same level of popularity elsewhere in the world, are we ready for one company being responsible for that much traffic?  We haven’t seen anything happen in the United States as of yet due to the service’s popularity, but take it global, and that’s a heck of lot of bandwidth being used up so people can watch The Land Before Time XI: The Invasion of the Tinysauruses.

Speculation is that Netflix could launch its overseas operations some time during the second half of this year, so be ready for this once modest company to explode into being a giant.

What do you think about Netflix expanding into other countries and markets?

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