Following rumors of unrest, Nest's Tony Fadell on Friday announced he'll be stepping down as CEO. Or, as he described it, "the time is right to 'leave the Nest.'"

According to Fadell, his transition away from the company has been months in the making—since late last year. Going forward, Fadell will work as an advisor to Alphabet and Larry Page, giving him the opportunity to "pursue new opportunities to create and disrupt other industries."

While Fadell does his darndest to make the split sound amicable, previous reports suggest otherwise. Google has apparently been unhappy with Nest for a while now, and it allegedly got so bad that the search giant went with the Chromecast team to create Google Home, not Nest. That right there sums up whatever unrest and animosity was occurring behind the scenes.

Going forward, Marwan Fawaz, who has experience with global service providers, will step in as CEO. According to Fadell, Fawaz is being left with a two-year product roadmap, which means we should expect something new from Nest soon.

You can read Fadell's full statement at the source link below.