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Google’s Nest is experiencing a widespread outage that has knocked its line of thermostats offline, a particularly scary situation given the widespread heatwave across the United States right now. Members of our staff noticed the thermostats weren’t functioning properly this morning, in multiple states around the U.S., and a quick search on Twitter shows a similar story.


We tried calling tech support, which wasn’t particularly helpful, and noticed that some units started to come back online before they were disconnected again. The outage is not affecting other Nest products so far as we can tell; our Dropcams, which run on the same software, are performing fine. Here’s a sample of some of the messages crossing Twitter right now:

The Nest units can still be controlled manually, but anyone trying to keep AC on at another location – maybe at home from the office to keep pets cool – could be in a potentially worrisome situation as temperatures remain above 90 degrees in some locations.

Nest has not publicly posted any information. A Nest spokesperson was not immediately available for comment.

Update: Nest issued the following statement:

We’re currently investigating an issue that has resulted in a small percentage of Nest Thermostats and Nest Protects appearing offline. While these devices cannot be controlled through the Nest app at this time, they are online and continue to function, including working to set schedules, allowing for manual adjustments and alerting people to smoke and CO events. We are actively working to restore remote control of these devices through the Nest app.