Part of the Nest thermostat’s appeal has always been its design, but getting it to match certain decor is challenging because the device only comes in one color. Or, did come in one color.

Out of the blue, Nest has introduced three new color options for homeowners looking for a bit more variety. In addition to the existing silver option, Nest is now offering white, black, and copper versions, making it easier to match with furniture around your home.

Nest wrote about why it’s introducing new colors on its blog:

We think you should be proud of anything that’s on your wall. It’s your home and your style. It says so much about you.

That includes your thermostat. We love the idea of your guests spotting your wall with a “Wow” or a “Whoa” and suddenly, you’re having a conversation about your Nest.

And a Nest Learning Thermostat on your wall says you don’t just appreciate beautiful design. You appreciate meaningful design.

Maybe it’s just me, but thermostats are the last thing I want to talk about when at a friend’s house. Check out the new color options in the gallery above.