Google-owned Nest announced on Wednesday that its smart thermostat under the same name is now available in the U.K. The company also announced a major partnership with one of the largest U.K. energy companies, npower, which will make the thermostat available to its customers. So, not only is Nest entering a major new market, but it's doing so with the help of an energy company that will help push its product to millions of people.

Nest says it also expects to help continue to save people money. Consumers in the U.S., on average, save 20 percent off of monthly energy bills by using Nest, the company said. The firm is introducing new features in the U.K. including "Heat Link" support for turning boilers on and off depending on how you change your thermostat, and a new stand that can be used with the device — instead of having to mount it to the wall, as is the case in the U.S.

The Nest is priced at £179 if you plan to install it yourself, but otherwise will set you back £249 if you want a professional to rig it up for you. The Nest stand will be sold for £29. If you're interested in picking one up, you should be able to find online from Amazon, Apple, B&Q, John Lewis and direct from Nest, or in more than 400 retail stores.