Last month Nest was forced to pull its smoke and carbon monoxide detector from stores after a small but dangerous software bug was discovered. Now the Nest Protect is finally back on the market for just $99, down from its original $119 price.

Nest says the reason for today's price cut is to make its smoke detector "accessible to as many people as possible," but it's likely the company is also hoping to win back consumer trust after last month's issues. The main problem with the Nest Protect had to do with its wave-to-silence feature, which lets you shut off the smoke detector with a simple wave of the hand, and it looks like the company hasn't actually figured out how to fix the problem. Instead, the new smoke detectors will ship without this one feature, while Nest continues to work towards fixing it.

The Google-owned company also took the opportunity to share some of the data it's crunched since Nest Protect first hit the market. It turns out that only 0.15 percent or roughly one million households in the U.S., U.K. and Canada are exposed to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide each year, at least based on Nest's estimates. That may not sound like a lot, but it's definitely not worth the risk. If you don't own a smoke and carbon monoxide detector it's not too late to buy one, and today Nest's model is available at a discount, though there are cheaper options out there as well.