Nest is finally set to launch a few new products following its recent CEO shakeup, but it turns out the upcoming gadgets may just be variants of the company’s current lineup. TechInsider reports that new versions of the Nest Cam and thermostat will arrive soon, citing sources inside Alphabet.

The new Nest Cam is apparently designed for outdoor use, adding a rugged weather-resistant design that’s still “sleek.” It reportedly comes in white and includes a power cord, meaning you won’t need to rely on battery power. Otherwise, it sounds pretty similar to the current model.

As for the Nest thermostat, TechInsider’s sources claims the gadget will soon be available in a few new color options. The design is described as “tasteful” and apparently features different accent colors. That’s not much of a breakthrough from the once-innovative company.

Nest allegedly has some more exciting new products in the works for 2017 and beyond. The same sources hinted that the company may focus on home security, which could tie-in nicely with Nest Cam. Rumor has it the firm is also working on a smart home hub and a special sensor for tracking people as they leave or enter your home, but it’s unclear if either of those gadgets will ever see the light of day.