• A Nest camera and Smart Display in one product.
  • Perfect for condos and other small spaces.

Google I/O is a developer conference and Google doesn't usually make big hardware announcements, but today's keynote was definitely different. Alongside the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, Google unveiled its brand new Nest Hub Max.

The Nest Hub Max is exactly what you'd expect. It combines the Google Home Hub with a Nest camera to bring the best of both worlds in just one product. It has a large 10-inch HD screen which offers variety compared to the much smaller screen on the Google Home Hub, and also features stereo speakers for much better audio.

The Nest Hub Max features a Nest camera with all the features that make Nest cameras one of the best security solutions on the market. We've seen products like the Lenovo Smart Display that feature cameras, but those are just used for video calls. The Nest Hub Max features a full security camera allowing you to monitor it your home while you're away. Beyond the camera, the Nest Hub Max has everything else you'd expect from a Google Assistant-powered smart display.

Personally, the Nest Hub Max is a great product for my small condo as mounting a Nest camera hasn't worked well so far (I've got a broken Nest Cam IQ). Now, my Lenovo Smart Display will be replaced by the Nest Hub Max allowing me to monitor the entryway to my apartment and also have a smart display in my kitchen.

Of course, having a camera on a smart display brings its own security challenges, but Google has added a physical switch on the rear to disable the camera, as well as various on-screen controls.

As its designed for communal use, the Nest Hub Max also comes with a new feature called Face Match, where it'll recognize who's talking to it (rather than just your voice) and display their personalized calendar.

If you're interested in the Nest Hub Max, you'll be able to buy one starting later this summer for $229. If you don't need a camera, the Nest Hub has been lowered from $149 to just $129.

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