The connected doorbell that Nest announced last fall is finally available.

From several retailers in the U.S., you can purchase the Hello to add some smarts to your doorstep. It may look like your average doorbell, but the Hello is always watching and provides that extra layer of security everyone could use. Nest's connected doorbell always ensures you know who's knocking.

While not necessarily a groundbreaking product, the Hello ties into the brand's ecosystem and that might be its biggest selling point. The connected doorbell features a light right that pulses when someone approaches and a camera for when you want to know who's there.

The camera itself boasts HD video with head-to-toe viewing, HDR, night vision, 24/7 streaming, and a 160-degree field of view.

From the Nest app, you're able to see everything at any time. And you can communicate with anyone at the door. Talk into your phone or tablet, and the Hello will do the same for guests.

The important thing for many is package security. In some neighborhoods, deliveries are made but customers never actually find the packages because people can be sneaky. The Hello will send a notification to you even if they don't ring, and that helps you see who's there and alarm them in case it is indeed a thief. Shout at the potential thief, and maybe your package will stay put.

Pricing is about the same as competing connected doorbells, with the Hello set at $229.

Buy now: Nest, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe's