Nest on Wednesday announced a slew of new home monitoring products, including a smart doorbell, advanced outdoor camera, and a sensor that monitors doors, windows, and more. The devices are part of Nest’s larger push into home security, which also includes a professional alarm system.

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is a new outdoor camera that builds on the Nest Cam IQ, offering the internal guts and advanced facial recognition features. The new device comes in addition to the Nest Cam Outdoor, which isn’t quite as durable and doesn’t feature the same facial recognition technology.

Launching for $349, there will be an additional $10 per month service that offers users 10 days of video storage and the facial recognition feature. By using google’s FaceNet, the technology allows the system to identify people in your home. So, if you get a motion alert from the camera, it’ll be able to tell you who just got home.

If you don’t opt for the $10 service, you’ll still be able to watch a live food from the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, though no footage will be stored and the facial recognition feature will be disabled. Nest plans to ship its new outdoor camera in November.

Nest Hello

Next up is the Nest Hello, a smart doorbell that looks like an Amazon Dash button. The remote-sized device features a camera with a 160-degree field of view, HDR support, the ability to recognize when people approach your doorstep, and it can also alert owners when it hears people talking. That last feature is apparently part of Nest’s Aware subscription service, which costs $10 per month for your first device.

The Nest Hello also support a feature known as Quick Actions, which will let owners respond to visitors with an automated reply. Hello users can talk to people through the Nest app as well, so you can engage with someone even when you’re away from home. Nest Hello is tentatively scheduled for an early 2018 release, though no pricing has been revealed.

Nest Detect

The Nest Detect is pretty simple. The device is a small sensor you can stick on a window or door, so you’ll know when it opens. Additionally, you can place it in a room and it’ll sense if there’s motion. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear users will be able to purchase the Detect on its own; Nest’s website says the sensor requires a Nest Secure alarm system, which starts at $499.

Nest’s new push into home security includes a total of six products, including the Secure alarm system. If the new products are anything like Nest’s previous line of smart home solutions, these new gadgets will be an easy and secure way to ensure your home is monitored and safe. You can learn more at the source link below.