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Nest sent out invites on Thursday for a press event happening later this month on June 17. The Google-owned company doesn’t offer much of a hint at what it has planned, but it’s possible a new Nest gadget (or gadgets) will be announced.

Earlier this year, Nest posted a job listing for a “Head of Audio” position, suggesting the company could be developing smart speakers of some other sound-related gadget like a doorbell or an intercom. It’s possible we may see one or more of these rumored products unveiled at the event later this month.

Nest could also focus on Project Brillo, Google’s new smart home platform which it helped build. Again, that could mean new connected gadgets and appliances, or even new partnerships with other outside firms.

Whatever the company has planned it’s likely to be some pretty major news. Nest hasn’t typically held public events in the past, preferring to simply update its website and send out a press release, so we’re expecting something big.