Nintendo has never been wishy-washier on Virtual Console than it is these days, and that’s really saying something. The non-commital to its retro library on the Switch is infuriating retro gamers for the sole reason that the Switch could be the ultimate retro gaming machine if given a fair chance.

But while Nintendo might be silent, modders and hackers have dug through the console’s firmware and uncovered a mysterious file known as “flog.” And this “flog,” as reported by the modders, is the NES emulator for what could very well be the Virtual Console if Nintendo ever gets around to it.

Seems legit, but we know nothing for sure until Nintendo speaks up.

Even if the Switch has an emulator buried in the firmware, we don’t know how Nintendo will be charging us for the games. Will it be subscription based? Is this the emulator for the free retro games we get on the monthly basis because those are already confirmed. Will Nintendo make us pay a third or even fourth time for all the Virtual Console games we have on the Wii, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS?

So many questions, so little answers so far.