If you’re looking for an NES Classic, Walmart.com has your next major shot.

Yesterday, I saw word that Walmart was set to offer NES Classics at 2pm PT each day until November 18. They’d open up the tiny console until they ran out of that day’s stock, and they expected things to move quickly.

When that news started spreading yesterday, it was met with waves of folks claiming the news was fake. I decided to wait, watch and try and order an NES Classic myself.

It’s legit, Walmart will have NES Classics daily around 2pm PT until Nov. 18

Walmart did post the NES Classic, though not at 2pm PT exactly. They were around 20 minutes late, which meant lots of refreshing and waiting for me.

They did go up, though. I had to act quickly. Stock disappeared in a minute or too, and the site incurred lots of errors. That said, I was able to make the purchase and, supposedly, have an NES Classic on its way to me soon.

This console has been impossible to find, though scalpers have it online for more than double its $59.99 MSRP. Don’t pay that price. Wait. Look for deals, try to get in on this Walmart thing or wait until stock increases. It will.