File this one under the “Makes No Sense” section of your crazy news cabinet if you like. Word is out by way of multiple Nordic retail sources that the NES Classic is reaching the end of its life.

Now, before we go running to jump from our nearest bridge, it’s possible that these reports are false or that they apply to the Nordics only. The countries generally referred to as Nordic are Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and their territories.

The first report that we saw came from NeoGAF.  A poster by the name of Roarer claims to work at a Nordic retailer, and they received word from their distributor that the NES Classic was being phased out. Production is supposedly done, and the region will see a few more shipments “before everything dries up.” They go on to say that their company estimates that they won’t be able to fulfill all existing orders.

Furthermore, Norwegian retailer Spillsjappa confirmed the news on Facebook. Here’s that text, translated.

It’s official now.
Nes Classic has expired from sortimentet to Nordic Nintendo importer bergsala ab.
This is tragic for us and our clients when they won’t fulllevere order we let in July 2016.
There will be deliveries in March and April and then it’s over
We will contact everyone standing in line with us and those who sat in line last will get the sad news by email first.
We will still follow queue to the letter and of course those who’s first at all times will get delivered first. We can only regret this when we first knew we soon be able to deliver to everyone and then came kontrabeskjeden that way it won’t be.

This stands in stark contrast of what Nintendo just told investors

I hesitant to think this is 100% legit. Like I said, it could be a mix-up or it could only apply to Nordic countries. Why am I hesitant?

Nintendo just told investors they were ramping up production. Like, they said this weeks ago.

We apologize to our consumers and retail partners for the inconvenience caused by product shortages. Some parts require time to procure, but we are working to increase production.

If this develops further, we’ll keep you posted.