The tear ducts are swelling for a large number of Generation X-ers and early Millennials for a sad Christmas morning. The NES Classic Edition can’t be purchased anywhere, and chances are getting slimmer and slimmer that you’ll be able to find one in time to open it on a winter wonderland morning.

Best Buy is offering one more chance to pick up the hot item with a new shipment coming in on Dec. 20. The retailer sent out an email advertising the shipment and then confirmed with Destructoid that it was indeed real.

Available in stores only, so you best be lining up!

Best Buy reiterated in the email that the item will be available in stores only on Dec. 20. That means no Internet and no fumbling with crowded bandwidth. In this situation, I think the store might actually be the easier option.

Who’s got a tent and is ready to go camping? Fitting, because I’m dying to play 8-bit Final Fantasy again.