You can buy an NES Classic Edition right now from GameStop’s website. The retail store has a bundle for sale. It’s in stock, at last check, and has been for the past several hours.

This item has been in hot demand since launching late last year. Stock continues to be in short supply, even as we approach March. So, you might want to check the deal out.

This NES Classic Edition deal comes with some catches

Right, the fine print. First of all, GameStop’s only selling this thing in bundle form. You’ll need to drop $132.99 for what normally costs $59.99.

But! You get some swag that, I don’t know, maybe you’re into? This includes a Zelda backpack, a Rubik’s Cube light and an extension cable for the absurdly short NES Classic controller.

Double the price, but it’s in stock and you score some potentially sweet loot. You’re armed with info, shopper. Shop wisely. Hit the source for the deal.