The NPDs are out for January, and the PlayStation 4 wrapped up another routine month of perching on top as the best-selling console with the Xbox One just below it. However, the third place victor is the real story here as Nintendo has risen through the ranks to make its mark… and no thanks to the Wii U, either.

We’re talking about the NES Classic Edition. Nintendo’s $60 mini console, which has reportedly sold 1.5 million units since its launch, was the third best-selling console in January. Shortages during the holiday season pushed many potential buyers into the post-Christmas season, boosting January’s numbers for jilted customers.

Word of shortages and an expensive secondary market still plague the console everywhere it turns up, so it is likely that not everyone who wants one has one yet.

Stilla vital part of Nintendo’s long-term plans, I suppose

The success of this mini-console, even in the face of shortages, has to please Nintendo. The company has always been one of the best when it comes to profiting from nostalgia, and it has stated that releases like this are part of a long-term plan. If the enthusiasm for 30 retro games can eclipse even Nintendo’s main console, just for a month, it shows that there is plenty of burning desire for more.

We’ll be seeing a product like this again soon. I guarantee it.