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Amazon, the largest online retailer in the world, got more stock for the much sought-after NES Classic. They listed it for sale in specific cities.

That’s right, they online retailer with the ability to ship basically anywhere around the globe, just sold NES Classics in major metropolitan areas only. Live somewhere rural? Sorry, no luck for you.

Want an NES Classic? It might be cheaper to take a bus to a place like Washington D.C. and meet your package in person than pay the $200 or more scalpers are selling it for.

The NES Classic has been a retail disaster

There’s no other way to clarify the launch of this $60 microconsole that only plays 30 games. What should have been a widely available novelty for nostalgic old people (like me) and diehard Nintendo fans wound up a scalper’s fantasy. This system was sold in such typically Nintendo rarity that it’s been impossible to find first-hand.

Now the world’s largest retailer has been forced to sell to specific cities as a way to offer stock in a limited fashion? Cool.

These consoles are trickling in, by the way. I doubt those who want one by Christmas will be able to get one. I was fortunate enough to hit Walmart for one online when they had stock a few weeks back. If I’d missed that, I wouldn’t have one. I have routinely called around stores in a 50-mile radius to keep up with stock for stories. When places like GameStop and Target actually receive units, they get them two and three at a time.

And I live 15 minutes away from Philly, so it’s not like I’m offering this from an area with a low population.

How did Nintendo bungle this so badly? $60 is cheap. They tickled the nostalgia bone perfectly. They timed the console for a holiday season wonderfully. This thing was more in-demand than the Wii U by word of mouth. How did this misinterpret demand?

They did, by the way. Nintendo’s President said they didn’t think the thing would sell this well. That’s sort of mind blowing, isn’t it?

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