When you think of a Nerf gun, chances are you think of the toy that shoots any form of foam projectile, whether it’s balls or the ever-popular darts. Nerf has a new gun called the Nerf Nitro, however, that shoots cars instead of darts.

Instead of shooting into the air, though we suppose you could still do that if you wanted to, you’ll shoot the cars down at the ground, where they’ll be sent cruising across the floor and through any number of obstacles you set up. The kits, depending on which one you buy, includes things like “rings of fire,” ramps and various obstacles to knock through. Each kit comes with four cars, though you can buy new packs of six cars for $10 (or three for $6), Wired explained.

Coming this summer

There are a total of 48 different cars in various colors to collect. The Nerf Nitro is expected to go on sale this summer, with packages starting at $10 for a blaster, one car and two obstacles.