Whether fans like it or not, the new Need for Speed is trying something a little different with its storytelling style. That’s demonstrated in motion with the new gamescom 2015 trailer we have above.

The game will, of course, play with gameplay. Obviously. The cutscenes, though? They’re full motion video, or FMV for short. That’s live action actors recorded in real time and presented in film or TV fashion.

From here, things don’t look too bad. Certainly, there’s the argument that Need for Speed games don’t need a strong narrative structure in order to be good. I get that, and I completely empathize with that group of fans. Today’s gaming industry, however, dictates that almost every major property out there needs a story.

Here’s EA and Ghost Games taking a crack at that notion.

How’s it being received by fans? Actually, they seem to dig it. At the time of drafting this story, the trailer itself is sporting 6,273 likes to only 116 dislikes on YouTube, a massively positive result for the site.

That’s pretty good.

Need for Speed will launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms on November 3, 2015. Stay tuned for more.