Need for Speed: The RunThough EA has already published one title under the Need for Speed moniker this year, the publisher is ready to put forth another racing experience, but this time focus on an action-driven, exhilarating presentation. After announcing Need for Speed: The Run, the well-known game conglomerate posted a teaser trailer that gives players a glimpse into the emotion-driven experience that developer Black Box is attempting to achieve. Will the title be able to differentiate itself from every other Need for Speed game?

Initially ousted by a British retailer,, Electronic Arts made the decision to announce the title's existence and provide small bite-size pieces of information in the form of a trailer. The short, two minute long video opens on maps flashing, displaying prominent cities in the United States. Meanwhile, a character named Jack goes in and out of consciousness as tension builds. Throughout the video, police officers are shown chasing down a shadow, presumably Jack. The trailer ends with a train releasing the tension as it barrels into the car that Jack is in.

Unfortunately, details beyond what we have seen and infer from the trailer are scarce at this point in time. Many are hoping that the title will give users the ability to fully customize their vehicles, while others are hoping for a robust, open online experience. If The Run does have online connectivity, it will likely run on an "Autolog" system akin to that of Hot Pursuit, which forces users to  compete against their friends even when they are not actively playing with one another.

Having seen commercial success in recent years, EA has spread the responsibilities for creating Need for Speed titles across its broad developer base without diluting the continuity of the franchise. Last year, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit injected adrenaline into the series, driving great holiday sales as well as overwhelmingly positive reviews. Shift 2 Unleashed, which was released in March of this year, is one of the best simulation games of this console generation, competing with Gran Turismo and Forza.

Set to release on November 15th of this year, The Run will likely be one of EA's biggest games at E3, the gaming industry's biggest trade show.

What do you think? Would you be willing to shell out some more cash to get your hands on another Need for Speed title? Is EA overusing the franchise and diluting its value? Sound off in the comments below.