Is it possible to enter the uncanny valley when looking at cars? No, probably not. We need some sort of human-esque figure in order to achieve that science fiction level of creepiness.

Need For Speed‘s making me reconsider the definition, though. This game looks crazy good, friends, and that’s talking about a multiplatform title to boot.

In a way, it’s arguable that EA and Ghost Games had to make the cars in the new Need For Speed look incredible. That comes two fold, really.

First, there aren’t too many cars in the game to begin with. This isn’t the latest Forza or Gran Turismo where players will slowly unlock hundreds of cars spanning practically all makes and models. No, there are around 40 cars in Need For Speed. The emphasis has been placed on car customization of car quantity.

If the cars look super nice, maybe players will get even more attached to them, thus solving the problem of having too few.

Second, the game’s cutscenes are all done in full motion video. That means they’re live action with live performers, not CGI. In order for the cars and world to blend with the cutscenes, they had to look good.

For gamers, this is sort of a great corner for EA and Ghost Games to have metaphorically backed themselves in to. We win because they chose, for whatever reason, to go all out with the car design. Kudos to them.

As for how it plays? We’ll know next week. Need For Speed launches for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 3, 2015. It’s due for the PC platform in the spring of 2016. We’ll have more on the title as it comes.

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