In continuation with EA’s grand plan to unify its library under just two graphics engines, the company has employed the most recent version of the Frostbite Engine to power the recently announced Need for Speed reboot.

This is the same build used to power the highly anticipated and beautiful shooter Star Wars: Battlefront. Confirmation comes from Frostbite’s Technical Director Johan Andersson.

Sounds like an instant win. Frostbite is particularly great at rendering shiny metal objects, and that’s exactly what the fast cars of Need for Speed are. Fast, shiny metal on the rock hard concrete. The official Twitter account also chipped in some information saying it isn’t a direct sequel to Need for Speed Underground 2, but it does share a lot in common with those games.

The Need for Speed reboot doesn’t have a release date or even a subtitle, but it does have a final destination on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Expect more information at E3.