Need For Speed: Most Wanted‘s launch trailer has quite a few cars…launching actually. Criterion Games’ spin on the popular racing series is all about over-the-top high risk racing, and the leaps these popular cars will be taking through their latest open-city are nothing short of ridiculous.

One essential element Criterion is not abandoning is the fuzz. As with most of the crime based Need for Speed games, racing is only half the fun. The experience is completed once a line of police cars chases you through tight city turns at break-neck speeds, and you use the city’s hazards to smash their cars to smithereens.

Don’t go thinking you are invulnerable this time, though. The 5-0 have plenty of tools up their sleeves, like Hummers and helicopters, which will stop at nothing to end your street racing career in a flash of hot sparks and justice.

Early reaction has been nothing but positive, and we’ll be sure to let you know what we think once it hits the market next week. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit will be released on October 30th for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Sony will be distributing the game through their new Digital Day 1 program, so I find it ironic that you don’t need to drive to the store to pick up a racing game anymore.

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