Tikhon Bernstam, from Scribd

Ever had a brilliant idea for a mobile app, service or business? Many of us do, but few manage to get it off the ground. Time and money are definitely huge challenges, but what’s in even shorter supply is expertise. If you’ve never been an entrepreneur before, the obstacles that rush in can nip even the best ideas before they can take off.

If you’re in this boat, then you’ll want to pay attention to this next item: A startup called EXEC is renting out time with bona fide tech gurus. This new charitable program makes five tech founders available via phone call or Skype chat to anyone who in need of the expert advice from pros who have been there and climbed that mountain. These aren’t bosses from mom-and-pop shop operations either. This Saturday, the list includes the folks behind Reddit, Hipmunk, Sincerely, Scribd and Justin.tv.

According to EXEC, here’s how it works:

… all you have to do is enter a short description at iamexec.com or on our iPhone app of what you’d like to discuss and your phone number, and one of the founders will get in touch. Please include the hashtag #execfounders in your job description. If you’d like to chat with someone specific, please include that in your job description as well, and we’ll try to accommodate you (no promises though).

You can either choose to schedule your job in advance for this Saturday, or just enter it in real time the day of (founders will be available between 11am – 5pm PST). You don’t have to be in SF to request a job: just make sure on the web that your location is set to SF or you skip location. If you haven’t yet created an account, do so here.

You can contact them to get specific advice, run an idea past them or just shoot the breeze — though that $100 per hour rental fee might seem steep for just a chit chat. For genuine business purposes, however, this is an incredible bargain. Expertise can be hard to come by, especially from a roster like this. Plus, all the proceeds go to charity, so you can also feel all warm and fuzzy about learning how to trounce the competition. For more info, you will definitely want to hit up the source links.

If you could, would you rent time with a tech company founder? Who would you pay to talk to?

[via The Next Web, source Rent a Tech Founder / EXEC]