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Visitors to NBC's site on Thursday were greeted by a warning that it might be unsafe. All is well now, but it is another example of major brands being targeted.

This has not been a good week for major brands online. Burger King's Twitter account was hacked, followed the next day be Jeep. Now American broadcaster NBC has been added to the list, and it makes you wonder how many more are to come.

According to Reuters, multiple security firms sent out a warning that the site had been compromised with malicious software and that Internet users should avoid visiting it. Leading social network Facebook also disabled outgoing links on its site to keep anyone from visiting it stating that the site had been infected with a virus.

All appears to be well now, but it's obvious that major brands are going to need to step up their security measures and review all procedures regarding online security.

What is intriguing in the case of NBC is that it was not as well publicized as the Twitter hacks because it involved people having to go to the site. As we stated in an op-ed earlier this week, hacks on Twitter are almost immediately apparent, while those that happen to a site take longer to propagate across the Web due it not being delivered to you automatically.

Either way, everyone be on your guard while surfing the Internet. It's getting dangerous out there.