NBA Live 16

Everyone likes to look at 2K Games as a helpless victim caught in the warpath of EA's wrath. Yes, we all loved NFL2K, and it took a shifty exclusivity deal to help Madden recover the lost market share that NFL2K5 gobbled up with its $19.99 price tag. Or am I just old with that line of thinking?

However, how can anybody call 2K Games a victim after a smothering like this? For the third straight year, it's NBA2K series has outsold EA's NBA Live by claiming upwards of 98 percent of the basketball video game market. This year, NBA Live has sunk below the 1 percent line, selling just 8,000 units compared to NBA 2K16's 1 million.

By the way, that 1 million sales made NBA2K16 the best selling sports game launch of the generation. Not bad.

I'm not one to use Metacritic scores as a tool for settling an argument, but many out there are. In that regard, the sales accurately represent the critical reception of the games as well, with NBA2K16 riding high with a score of 87 and NBA Live 16 hovering an inch above the ground at 59. Many people obviously see those scores and use that as a tool for their decision making.

No doubt, contractual issues and wanting to keep hold of the copyright is what drives EA to keep on pushing in the face of such a cement wall of competition. How can it improve its basketball formula to compete against such odds, though?

More importantly, when is Konami going to make another basketball game?! Oh that's right… never, unless it's a pachinko machine.