In honoring story and character development over fan service and franchise staples, Naughty Dog spoke about their willingness to kill main characters off if the narrative of their games dictates the need.

This came out when Naughty Dog Co-President Evan Wells was discussing the presence and involvement of the main females Chloe and Elena in Uncharted 3 later this year. The pair will be involved in the title, but not as much as they were in Uncharted 2.

The main focus this time around is on the two major men in the franchise.

"We are trying to keep things fresh and draw certain aspects of Nate's personality out as well as the characters he's surrounded with…Chloe and Elena are back but they aren't the emphasis of the story the way they were in Uncharted 2. This time round the emphasis is on Victor Sullivan and his mentor/protégé relationship with Drake."

I'll drive this point out here and now: if they kill Sully off in Uncharted 3 in order to spur on the development of Nathan Drake as a character, I will likely lose my mind and start sobbing uncontrollably. I love Sully that much.

Though Naughty Dog does have a point here, and they're definitely making moves that they feel are in the best interest of their franchise and the growth of their stories, narratives and characters. Wells spoke about that and the aspect of killing off main characters specifically.

"We're not dogmatic about anything…If that is what it takes [to advance the storyline] then that's what it takes. And not just for dramatic shock value – it would definitely have to tie into the narrative that [we're] trying to tell and expose an aspect of Drake's character that we would want to delve into."

Does that mean someone will be dead by the time Uncharted 3 is over? Not necessarily. But the studio did say recently that there's no end in sight for their franchise, so the main character deaths can and will happen whenever they're needed.

Until then, please not Sully.

[via CVG]