Uncharted 3 is set to be one of the largest games this year, riding on an unprecedented wave of critical anticipation. Because the title is a PlayStation exclusive, Sony has played an important role in marketing the game, ensuring its success. To do this, the game played a central role in the company’s media briefing at E3.

The demo starts out with Nathan Drake finding his footing on a unstable cruise ship. The contents of a big swimming pool slosh in the middle of the cruise deck, ominously foreshadowing the impending chaos. Drake passes a tiki hut and enters a ballroom. Ginormous chandeliers sway from the ceiling. A lone guard stands in the center of the room. A little bit of stealth results in an easy takedown. Nathan finds his way out of the posh room and ends up in a walkway running along the side of the ship. The dark waters splashing in the distant ocean look impressive.

After exploring the underbelly of the ship, Drake is corned by a mob of guards. After an explosion, the ship begins to crumble and the ship begins to sink, pinning Drake. The demo ends with Drake desperately gasping for air as he bolts to the surface, breaking free just in the knick of time.

Sony and Naughty Dog made an interesting announcement: Subway and PlayStation are joining forces to distribute early access to Uncharted 3’s multiplayer. Not mere beta access, this is actually early access to the full multiplayer component of the game.

What do you, fellow gamers, think? Are you looking forward to getting your hands on Uncharted 3? Is there any particular aspect of it that you are making you jump up-and-down with excitement? Sound off in the comments below.