National Telephone Day is here on April 25, making for an ideal time to consider accessories to make your smartphone even better.

These eight accessories all do something special.

1. Upgrade the solo cup for a Bluetooth speaker

When you've given up on boosting sound by placing your smartphone in a solo cup, consider upgrading to a Bluetooth speaker.

The devices connect via Bluetooth and are, therefore, wireless. Enjoy music at a backyard barbecue, cook along with your favorite tracks, or use while camping with friends.

There's no need to install a costly and intricate stereo system when you have a Bluetooth speaker to amplify your phone with high-quality sound.

2. Prevent fall damage with a smartphone grip

Some smartphone users find it hard to handle their smartphone, whether it's tapping the screen or simply holding it while exercising. Fortunately, a variety of smartphone grips exist to make handling easier.

The LazyHands, for example, is a finger-loop gripper that sticks to a phone and provides worry-free handling. The LoveHandle, which uses a self-adhesive plastic strip, accomplishes a similar purpose.

There are also a variety of grips that function as a stand, like the PopSocket, which can make viewing multimedia hands-free easy.

3. Save time at work with a cross-platform add-on

Services like PhoneBurner let busy professionals dial clients from any phone or computer easily. The categorization system uploads all of your contacts and allows you to separate leads into groups. The system also allows users to call up to 80 contacts an hour, which is more efficient than tenacity alone.

Sticky notes strewn all over your workspace might work in the short-term, but treating yourself to a more organized solution will make you more successful in the long run.

4. Improve your posture with a smartphone holder

Study after study shows that tilting your neck to check notifications viewing Netflix in bed while holding your phone is bad for your health. The habit damages posture, and the motion generates neck and back pain.

JohnsEtcetera carries an adjustable smartphone holder that is perfect for people who need access to various angles of their smartphones for extended periods of time. If you use it to lower the screen as your head falls farther down the pillow while watching in bed, we won't judge.

5. Improve your mood with a phone charging station

Unsightly phone charging stations are every interior designer's nightmare. Gloo allows consumers to marry a sleek modern aesthetic with high functionality. The device doubles as a mood lighting orb that attaches to your smartphone with discreet cables.

The special cables also offer lightning-fast charge times. Two smartphones can charge at once, and the device can fully charge eight smartphones on every one charge Gloo endures.

With an optional 360-degree camera add-on, Gloo becomes the life of the party, not the ugly charging station to hide away.

6. Navigate safely with car mounts

You will see a car mount in the majority of your Uber and Lyft drivers' cars because it's the safe and efficient way of reading your smartphone's navigation, choosing a different radio station or accepting an incoming phone call.

Taking your eyes off the road for a split second can cause a catastrophic accident. A $20 gadget could save your life.

7. Rid yourself of extraneous cords with a wireless charging station

Wireless charging stations give the user utility without sacrificing design. Hanging wires cause more than grumpy faces for those looking for a clean aesthetic — they also become a chore to untangle once they inevitably become intertwined.

The andi wireless charger plugs into your computer via USB or the wall via an adapter. Your phone affixes itself to the stand via magnet and charges while still being easily accessible to view for incoming notifications.

8. Broaden your service with an antenna booster

An antenna booster can enhance your phone's signal by up to five times, which can be extremely useful when traveling in more remote areas.

Breaking up during a business call while on the road can be a detriment to client relationships, so using this accessory to cut down on disconnects can make you look more professional.

These smartphone accessories provide new functionality and use for your phone, an ideal way to celebrate National Telephone Day.

Image by Burst