It’s unclear if an Uncharted movie will ever get made, but if one does, it damn well better star Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake. The actor just released a live-action fan film, taking up the starring role of the adventurer, and it’s absolutely fantastic.

The beauty of the 15-minute short is how well it captures the spirit and humor of the Uncharted franchise. There’s great action, esoteric history references, and plenty of witty humor. Even when Drake is being pummeled by a a man named Tigre, he has time to crack jokes.

And the jokes are great! They perfectly match the world originally created by Naughty Dog. And seeing Sully (Stephen Lang) and Elena (Mircea Monroe) make an appearance is icing on the cake.

In other words, they’ve done right by Naughty Dog’s famed franchise. Video game movies rarely turn out well—Fillion’s take on Uncharted is a real winner. Perhaps the fact this is a fan film makes a difference.

The chances of a movie like this actually happening are pretty slim, seeing as how there’s been zero news about any Uncharted-related projects over the past few months. Maybe in an alternate universe Fillion’s work will kickstart a conversation about an actual movie, much like that “leaked” Deadpool footage helped greenlight a Deadpool movie.

Fillion’s film ends on a real cliffhanger. Here’s hoping we’ll get to see the rest of it.