Thanks to the power of VR and reach of Facebook, NASA has released a new 360-degree experience that’s absolutely breathtaking. If someone told me five years ago I’d be able to look out at the Mars landscape from the comfort of my home, I would have thought they were crazy. But it’s possible—and available to anyone who owns a smartphone.

In order to experience the full immersion of being on Mars, check out the video at the source link below. It will give you a beautiful front row view of the Red Planet from Curiosity’s location, which is currently at the Namib Dune near Mount Sharp. Next to going to Mars with Elon Musk, this is the closest you and I will get to seeing the planet up close.

Of course, the VR experience is still limited; you can’t wander around the Martian landscape or inspect objects more closely. However, NASA said it’s working on a more immersive experience that’s coming out this summer, so this is only the beginning.

Given the popularity of Cardboard and the imminent arrival of Oculus Rift, it’s clear VR is in for a breakout year. But more importantly, it’s becoming a great tool that goes well beyond its intended use for video games.