Want to see NASA launch its Cygnus spacecraft to the cosmos? The agency has plans to deliver over 7,000 pounds of gear up to the International Space Station on an Atlas V rocket, which you can witness for your very own eyes. The launch is set to occur at 6:25 pm EST, though it has a finite window, so it might not happen at all.

What's unusual about today's launch is that Cygnus will have a 30-minute window, whereas rockets typically have a very small window to intercept the ISS. Fingers crossed it all goes down without a hitch. Check out the video above for the full show.

NASA reports that weather is a major concern today, which has already delayed the launch, which was supposed to occur at 5:55 pm EST. If NASA can't launch the spacecraft by 6:25 EST, then it will be cancelled and moved to another day.

Update: As anticipated, today's launch has been scrapped. Tomorrow's launch window is set to open at 5:33 pm EST.