No more confusion over Naoto Shirogane anymore. The savant detective also proves that she can dance with the best of them in this latest Persona 4 Dancing All Night trailer, boogieing to Persona 4’s popular “Signs of Love” track.

Naoto is popular from Persona 4 because of the mystery of her gender, which is kept secret for quite some time throughout the game’s plot. “Naoto” is a male’s name in Japan, and she speaks with a deep, husky voice in both the game and this trailer. Atlus seems to be sticking with this character trait in Persona 4 Dancing All Night with her style of dancing, which is lacking a lot of the ditzy J-pop girl moves or graceful ballet we’ve seen from the game’s other females.

She comes off like the “male” ladies from the famous Takarazuka Revue actress troupe in Japan. Plus, she dances with Teddy dressed up as Elvis. How can you not smile?

Naoto is not a native of the game’s countryside town, Inaba, but she has returned to join her friends to help investigate these latest and funky disturbances. Persona 4 Dancing All Night launches in Japan on June 25, and it should be coming stateside before the end of the year.