A group of independent developers has been making stellar news for the last few months with their continuance of extremely popular, limited time bundles. This is The Humble Bundle, and it lets consumers name their price for a set of similarly themed titles. The trailer above marks the announcement and launch of the third bundle, The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle. Five games from the Frozenbyte studio for any price you desire.

The catch? Well, if you could even call it a catch… users decide how much of their purchase they want to go to the developers, the Humble Bundle team and two separate gaming themed charities. The charities in question are Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. You'll even be able to decide whether or not you want any of your money to go to each specific recpient. If you don't like what Child's Play stands for, for some reason or another, you can choose to leave them out of your contribution.

Players have been known to spend anywhere from a single penny to literally thousands of dollars. Head to HumbleBundle.com and check out the constantly changing set of statistics regarding purchases, money raised and the top donors. You'll even see a breakdown of how much users of specific operating systems donate on average. The current leaders, by around $10 on average, are Linux users.

Support the Humble Bundle project. It's an incredible source of charity, a great money-maker for independent developers and a way to show that gamers know how to give back.

You'll also get five awesome games, as shown in the awkwardly voiced trailer above. The games are DRM free, so you can install them on as many computers as you'd like. Each of them, with the exception of Jack Claw, are available for Windows, Mac and Linux. And, when you buy the bundle, you'll have access to a token to load the games up on both Steam and OnLive.

[via The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle]