Well, look what we have here. HP officially "killed" webOS last summer and, while the company has come back to say that it will still work with webOS in some fashion, the mobile operating system is largely forgotten in the smartphone marketplace. Or, should we say was forgotten. On Tuesday, a video surfaced that was allegedly part of HP's old marketing materials and which shows an unreleased HP smartphone. It'll never hit the market – but it was allegedly set to follow the Veer, Pre3 and TouchPad and was codenamed "WindsorNot." The device doesn't quite offer the chic industrial design of today's One X and the Galaxy S III devices, but it does look like an attractive keyboard-less version of the Pre phones that came before it. Sadly, we'll never know more about the WindsorNot. A moment of silence for webOS now, please.

(Update: Video removed at request of creator)

[via Engadget, webOS Nation]