Last month at Mobile World Congress amid the horde of Android devices, BlackBerry announced two new phones. The company shared a few pictures of the Z3, a sleek all-touch handset headed for Indonesia, but the 3.5-inch Q20 was kept out of sight and is reportedly still in development. Now we may be getting a first look at the mystery device thanks to a few leaked photos of a BlackBerry display published by TechGuyzz.

It’s hard to tell exactly how big this screen actually is, but it’s definitely bigger than the Q10’s 3-inch display. It’s possible we’re looking at BlackBerry’s upcoming 3.5-inch screen. It’s also possible we’re looking at something even bigger. Either way, we have to assume the company will slap on a QWERTY keyboard before it hits the market – the square-shaped design fits exactly what a QWERTY keyboard phone would offer. If it’s larger than 3.5-inches, we may be looking at a different device entirely.

To be honest though, there’s no way to know exactly what BlackBerry is up to these days. CEO John Chen recently put the company’s odds of survival at 50/50, while also promising that BlackBerry was cooking up something cool at its Waterloo headquarters. Is this big square display our first look at the company’s next major phone? There’s no way to know for sure but we have a feeling it might be.