A new press render of an Android tablet with Verizon branding was recently published by @evleaks. Unfortunately, we can't really gauge any of the specs or set any real expectations based on the image alone, though we can make some educated guesses. We haven't yet heard of the device, which carries the "Verizon Ellipsis 7" moniker, though it appears to have a form factor in the 7-inch range if you take into consideration the location and size of the front-facing camera.

We can also see that the Kindle app is front and center, which isn't standard for most run-of-the-mill Android tablets. The date on the device reads "November 25," perhaps a nod to its launch date next month, though we're only speculating right now.

Without any logo to go off of, our best guess is that this is a white label tablet, maybe built by Huawei or ZTE, though again we're only speculating since there wasn't any information provided.